Upfuse uses data-driven strategies to create a growth sustaining trajectory for your organization.

Every firm needs a plan that leads to a path of growth, strong monetary returns, and a challenge to the competitors. However, sometimes the growth comes in too much too early and the company isn’t able to scale up to meet the demands, or it’s a highly competitive space and the brand fails to attract the audience because of a dominant player that has the monopoly. This is where we step in to take control of the next step. Every firm has certain objectives it plans to achieve, we strategize plans on how to get there, keeping in mind the resources, scalability, and growth pockets of the firm.

When making a new brand, companies always set goals they want to reach in a determined period, certain goals can be too ambitious and can decrease morale if the company doesn’t attain those numbers within the said period. Brands often set unrealistic expectations from the limited resources they might hold, or forget the power of the dominant player in the field. It is always a great idea to set a strategy that can set the trajectory a company must follow along with an end-goal of where it should reach, and if the numbers don’t match up to the predicted ones then predetermined changes that can be made to boost sales and attain set goals. Upfuse believes that strategic and predicted growth is a sign of a healthy brand. With the help of professionals and experts in data-driven strategies, Upfuse analyzes your business growth trajectory, resources and subverted potentials that can be utilized to create strategies.

Our strategic planning services include:


If you’re just starting out or you’ve been a company for a while, having a strategic business plan is key in running a productive and efficient organization. Upfuse helps you strategize and plan out your growth, and predict where your business might lead to with calculated marketing.


Upfuse provides consultation on different projects and how they can be made successful with the help of a team of professionals. Upfuse guides you towards a more organic and holistic way of project supervision despite any present impediments.


Upfuse believes in the power of data-driven strategies because these strategies are backed up by concrete statistics that give it a chance of a higher success rate and bringing in more engagements and paying customers.


Upfuse takes charge of off-site projects, external ventures and strategic initiatives made by the leader of the firm, consults them on various subjects and informs them of trends and themes that can bring about a lucrative value to the deals.


We sometimes overlook the small nooks and crannies of certain systems in the organization that may hinder efficiency in many ways. Upfuse assesses the operational systems and finds ways they can be improved upon in terms of efficiency and productivity.


Changing times and new trends in the market can bring about hidden opportunities for different businesses, Upfuse analyzes your target audience and changing market trends and strategizes new and improved methods to boost sales.


New perspectives always help out when a brand is stuck in a cycle of limited growth and negligible sales. Upfuse provides turnaround consulting and a fresh perspective on where things might be going wrong how they can be improved efficiently.