We help brands create their own unique way of marketing.

Upfuse provides business solutions to growing MSMEs and start-ups across all industries.

The needs of small and big businesses are completely different, they both need expertise in different areas, their branding is different and so is their marketing. Upfuse caters to this entire spectrum of requirements, starting from small start-ups to fully functioning MSMEs.

Start-ups are an intimidating venture, creating a brand, figuring out the entire vision and the structure of it, trying to fit all costs and tangible needs within a financial constraint. Upfuse provides startups with the right consulting, we help our clients create a powerful brand, analyze the competitors, help the brand create a unique identity, find the target audience, help enhance the product according to the consumer’s taste and preference and finally set up a fully functioning e-commerce store to start selling the product. For MSMEs that are capital and labour-intensive, Upfuse provides services that help in strategic business planning, upskilling the front-line staff, taking a new approach to marketing and helping boost sales by reaching a wider audience.

Startups are a daunting thing to do all alone, the corporate world is brutal and competitive, especially with giants dominating the field. It can seem impossible to stand next to a firm which has a mammoth of resources and unbeatable prices, that is where we step in. There will always be space for a new commodity and we at Upfuse can help you boost your growth and help your brand take up that spot. We help you create a powerful brand that your customers can identify with, we help you find platforms to reach your target audience and analyze the market for improvements that can be made to the product/service. Creating a new brand can seem scary, but things like financial management, hiring the right people, and winning the trust of customers at the ground level is always easier as a smaller company. We at upfuse help take advantage of this smaller group and scale it with precision and efficiency as your company grows.

MSMEs are labour-intensive high capital firms, they are the ones, which we find, require the most strategic planning and organizational design protocols. They have a larger consumer interaction base, hence it’s important that each employee understands the company’s core values and stands on the same line of professionalism and morality. The culture of integrity and boosting employee morale is more than just happy workers, it’s more efficient workers.

Our services include:

Project Feasibility Study & Comprehensive Market Analysis

We run comprehensive market research and find out how the audience reacts to projects being undertaken by the firm and find pockets of improvement that can tangibly bring in more sales.

Business Strategy Development

Every business should have goals they wish to achieve and a trajectory showing how they want to get to those goals, Upfuse helps you plan out your business strategies with existing resources and helps predict outcomes after the strategies are implemented.

Organizational Structure Development

Upfuse Network helps your business build a framework of operations that evolves with each growth cycle and stays consistent with its outputs and task cycles.

Complete Digital Platform Solutions

Upfuse takes your business online and keeps track of all the meticulous details and helps fix bugs whenever they form. Equipped with an experienced team in IT, Upfuse takes care of your entire digital footprint.

Customized Business Plan Solutions

Each brand has different prices, resources, suppliers and manufacturing processes. There is no sample when it comes to strategic business-plans, but there is Upfuse Network. We analyze your business back to front and help you develop strategies tailored to fit your company’s goals and potentials.