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Upfuse Network helps bring synergy in the most crucial and core areas of business that maintain the backbone for any successful business.

Something that is quite often overlooked when looking for the attributes of a high- growth sustaining business, is its organizational design. Physical and Psychological aspects ofanu organisation affect the efficiency, not only of the ideas but of the employees as well. Our macro environment affects our thoughts, moods and motivation. Upfuse partners up with organization design experts who analyze and run tests on task cycles and find out through rigorous planning what changes are necessary and better for the employee productivity and the smooth workings of the systems. Your organisation design shouldn’t hold you back from moving forward on the growth scale. Upfuse helps you find economical and methodical ways the tangible aspects of the organization can be changed.

With growth comes a whole lot of challenges. The environment, the structures, and systems that the firm started with can become barriers to their growth. When the working parts of an organization function in harmony, it can do wonders for the firm. We at Upfuse bring about a holistic change from the front end to the back, giving you a layout of where the efficiency can be improved. We assess the current design, where it might bring about benefits and what it lacks. We highlight problem areas that might hinder productivity, these can be found in the layout, the linkages, or the environment. Updating and reimagining the workflow, systems, and structure making sure they are on par with the efficiency and each cycle time. Upfuse helps you find changes that benefit the organization in a cost-effective and orderly way.  The effective implementation of such design protocol should get rid of weak links in an organization, such as intricacies which take up unnecessary costs or any hindrances which might come up in the day to day functions. The redesign would prioritize strategies that optimize the business functions and will boost overall employee morale. More importantly, the redesign will have tremendous economic impacts and not just in the short run. They include:

Culture and Change

Upfuse does regular employee surveys to understand the culture within the organization and looks for issues or problems the employees might face that hinder efficiency. Understanding their outlook of the firm and making them feel like an important part of this machine boosts employee morale.

Enterprise Agility

The new strategies will be focused on holistic growth, matching actual numbers with the predicted trajectory of the brand. For this, the technology and the IT sectors need to be updated to keep up with constant growth, work processes need to be faster and efficient, and the culture should employ values of integrity in the workforce.


Upfuse takes care of the intricacies of acquisition integration and helps you with a smooth merger process. We guide you through the challenges and profits of the acquisition.

Organisation Design

We help businesses reimagine the layout of their physical office spaces and their systems in a way that increases productivity and efficiency. Effective testing methods are put to work to find out which segments of the physical space hinder productivity.

Talent management

Upfuse helps bring the surface talents and skills that are the need of the hour. We recognize these talents in the workforce through various training sessions and make sure these employees are recruited, their skills are perfected and they stay with the organization for a long time.

Internal communications

Upfuse’s consultants help you bring about the changes to the key elements of the business, one of which is internal communications of a business. We provide streamlined communication channels and updated software that control most workings of projects that enhance the exchange of ideas and efficient task completion.