We believe in creating designs that are authentic, artistic and bring your brand’s vision to life.

The visual aspect of any brand is it’s strongest and most memorable point. Every entrepreneur, when imagining their brand, always has a vision for the look and feel of each product. But when it comes to designing, the complexities start to show up. We at Upfuse, keep in mind your vision and support it with the current trends in mind and work side by side with you to create a design that is authentic yet modern in its own way. Your brand’s design and feel should be congruent to its story and identity. We believe strong ideas and visions from both sides can help create designs that are artistic, original and powerful.

A good design aesthetic is crucial in today’s world, where your business has an online presence that needs to look professional and a part of your brand. The design should be simple, yet effective. Your branding and design should align with the field your product/service belongs to and should be an easy tell. Overpowering designs, complicated logos, and giving no thought behind a brand’s look is a road to failure. Branding should be recognisable and connect to the company’s identity.

Design always has been and always will be a competitive attribute for each brand. Leaving your end-user with a design that is unique, eye-catching and impactful is what we at Upfuse aim for. With a team of professionals that have years of experience in the various fields of design, that excel in design engineering and research, we focus on viewing the brand from the eyes of the customers and the employees to understand what goes on in the decision-making process of the end-user. We offer design services like:


Social media design is of crucial importance when it comes to maintaining an online presence. The theme, colours, animations and graphics should connect to your brand and should appease to your customer. Upfuse network understands your vision and maintains a consistent theme of your brand throughout the different social media platforms.


A design which is quirky, elegant and yet conveys a message is loved by consumers everywhere. A design which connects with a consumer, more than just being informational content, is what Upfuse consistently aims for.


A brand’s design is successful if it is recognisable without its logo and just by its theme and colours. We at Upfuse bring a consistent theme to all parts of your branding, along with print and publications.


Packaging of your products is crucial as the visual impact of the design weighs in more than any other factor when a consumer decides to purchase the product. Upfuse Network brings you a team of experts in packaging design to revamp your product and sky-rocket sales.


Upfuse’s animation team helps create graphics for your online content, informational videos and advertisements. Animation is the best way to bring out the fun aspect of your product to market it.


Products can be designed differently for different audiences, different seasons and different trends. Upfuse helps you boost sales with designs that appeal to your audience and even help you expand your target demographic.