Data is the new future.

And we help clients implement data-driven strategies in a way that substantially boosts business.

Upfuse network believes in the power of big data. Companies that have implemented strategies backed by big- data have seen the efficiency and profitability of it. Data is no longer just a by-product of business, it is a powerful resource that, when used right, can decode your business analytics and tell you exactly what to do to drive sales. However, for companies starting out or even the ones established long back have difficulties figuring how to use it. They have problems figuring out how to extract data, what data is supposed to be collected and how to implement it into strategies. Upfuse network helps clients become more data-driven, helps them implement changes that ethically derive data from existing customers and protects this data. This data is decoded, matched with activities of the business in the past and is used to predict future analytics of the company, and how the predicted trajectory can be changed with certain strategies.

Data helps us understand the outcome of every action we take. Today a consumer’s everyday transactions are all recorded in their digital footprint, this data is key in understanding consumer behaviour. World’s largest companies spend exorbitant amounts to collect this data, simply because it’s valuable to understand which of their strategies are performing better than the other. Consumer behaviour changes with any feat a business makes, but they are also affected by the seasons, trends and behaviours of other consumers. We encourage our clients to become more data-driven as it holds answers to which marketing ideas, promotions, or advertisements have been successful, and which haven’t. Your existing consumers also react to your brand in a way that can be analyzed, understood and then predicted with different scenarios. Not only does data help us make strategies tailored to your business goals but it also gives you a deeper insight into the nitty-gritty of your consumer base. How did this certain discount change sales? How was this month’s traffic compared to the last? Being more data-driven doesn’t make your business strategies a shot in the dark anymore, they are backed up by concrete data or they may be leading the brand on a trajectory already predicted with the help of analyzing previous data. Being certain that data-driven decisions bring in sales growth, we make sure that this scrutiny over details gives us a sustained competitive advantage.

Based on the data from the past and the data we attain today, we can make predictions on business growth and sales performance in the future. Data can help us predict this, and strategies on what needs to be done can be implemented to reach desired numbers. Upfuse offers services in business intelligence like:


Being more data-driven gives a competitive advantage to your firm, knowing the figures and numbers behind every business move, knowing what price schemes and marketing ways work with your audience, how consumer experience can be made better can all be done by unlocking the power of big data.

Trend Analytics

We record the biggest spikes in terms of previous sales, analyze data from past customers, help implement better data collecting approaches, and transform business strategies to be more data-driven.