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Upfuse Network makes money matters easy and helps you maintain sustainable growth of your finances.

Accounting and finance departments do more than just file taxes. Meticulously keeping track of all transactions, investments, payments and invoices allows you to optimize your companies resources. Knowing where funds are stored, invested and spent helps you analyze how well the resources are utilized for the firm’s benefit. We provide you with a team that keeps a record of all financial transactions and uses industry-standard procedures to check for errors or mismanagement of funds. We at Upfuse pay attention to detail, we make sure each financial transaction is recorded and maintained, and at the end of the day your sheet balances out.

With great business comes great taxes. And the Indian tax laws are ever-changing, this is why we at Upfuse take pride in keeping up-to-date with the new rules and protocols of tax laws and help you create beneficiary tax planning that tangibly cut down your tax payments. These methods are inspected by our experts in business planning, who strategize methods with each growth cycle of the company to lower down the tax payments in ways that are ethical and abide by the laws.

Upfuse also provides you with a team of trusted professionals that help you with your financial transactions across all sectors. They keep meticulous records of each payment, rebate, fee, credit and debit transaction and make sure they are logged accurately and the account sheet is balanced out.  This data is extremely important to know where the company’s resources are lagging and where the movement of funds isn’t streamlined. This data is essential for business strategies, keeping a track of the company’s assets and it’s revenue streams, and giving us a trajectory of how the financial growth of the company looks like.

With such vast and different aspects of a business, maintaining records on taxes and income can be a nightmare. Upfuse Networks takes care of the entire data work, keeping track of numbers, filing records, and everything related to taxes is handled by a team of experts with a zero-error record.

A company’s branding and design have to be trademarked to fend off plagiarized versions of the product or knock-offs. Upfuse network offers a plethora of legal services that safeguard your company logo and design style. They include:

Goods & Services Tax
Income Tax
Accounting / Bookkeeping services
Taxation Advisory
Accounting Outsourcing
Investment & Wealth Management
Payroll Outsourcing
Company Management
Mergers & Acquisitions Consulting
IPO & Private Placement Consulting